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Dr. Jeffrey Weiss

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What we do



Our Medical Spa

Our Centers for Health and Anti-Aging are designed to help you relax and be comfortable during every visit -- whether for infusion therapy, your initial consultation with Dr. Weiss, or receiving Emerald Laser treatment to remove fat cells. Relax in one of our recliners during your infusion treatment.

We also prepare all our infusions onsite, and all our ingredients are 100% natural. Our Myers’ Cocktail is mixed on site with no additives or preservatives.

We are one of the only physician-run IV Medical Spas in the tri-state area, and with locations in Sparta and Clifton, you can find an appointment that’s convenient for you.

What we do



Meet Dr. Jeffrey Weiss

In many medical practices, you’re lucky to see your doctor for five minutes per visit. At our Centers, however, you’ll receive a full 45 minutes’ consultation with Dr. Weiss before your first treatment. 

During the consultation, you and Dr. Weiss will go into your medical history. You will discuss your goals, and then you and Dr. Weiss will discuss courses of treatment which should help you reach your goals.

Once you’ve established your relationship with Dr. Weiss, you’ll set up your subsequent treatments with our trained, professional staff. You can make appointments online through our scheduling system, or call the location that suits you.

Because we’re a concierge practice, we don’t accept insurance. We are able to provide receipts which you may be able to submit for reimbursement. We do accept CareCredit for our treatments.

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Special Medical Treatment in Clifton and Sparta, NJ

The Weiss Center for Health and Anti-Aging offers high quality, compassionate medical care to our clients. We provide a range of medical treatments based on the latest research, including

  • Anti-Aging Treatments

  • Regenerative Medicine

  • Aesthetic Medicine

  • Infusion Therapy

The Weiss Center for Health and Anti-Aging offers high quality, compassionate medical care to our clients. We provide a range of medical treatments based on the latest research, including

A full range of services is available at our Sparta location. Our Infusion Center in Clifton, NJ, can provide a full range of infusion therapy services.



"Wonderful Infusion center. Great Infusion nurses who are excellent at what they do. Dr Weiss is very present and connected with his patients and is so caring. He is extremely helpful and has amazing protocols. His private consults help tailor a protocol to your needs. There is a positive energy in the Infusion rooms that are filled with inspiring people."


"Life Saver! I have been coming to this infusion center for over a year. I can't say with enough words how much this has helped me. I've discovered the way to feel amazing and get to know my body in ways only few people Know. The powerful components in this infusions can determine how long you can stay happy and healthy."


"This is the only place I found where you can come in and get the specific natural vitamin protocol you need. Dr. Weiss worked with us one on one and was very helpful. The nurses are skilled and staff is very nice. And they get you in and out relatively efficiently."


"We are very pleased with Infusion Center of NJ. They offer a wide variety of infusions. Doctor Weiss is caring, thoughtful and reachable. He answers all my questions and concerns quickly. His staff is friendly and helpful.
No complaints."



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Neither Dr. Weiss nor the Weiss Centers for Health and Anti-Aging and staff claim that our products prevent, treat or cure COVID-19. We do not claim that any of our products are a "cure all" or have "zero side effects". We practice up-to-date  medicine and only use what has been shown to work via evidence-based medicine (clinical trial studies considered  to be experimental at this time by the FDA, FTC, and other governing bodies) all under a licensed physician's guidance. 

If any side effects can be expected, they will be explained before treatment by the clinician or physician; they will also be included in the treatment literature we provide. When applicable, we can recommend and offer appropriate blood testing before and during therapy to find possible ways to any such side effects.